Inventor Of The Year


Since 1973, the Rochester Intellectual Property Law Association has each year recognized as "Distinguished Inventor of the Year" an individual or team of individuals from the local community for their contributions to the useful arts. Nominations for this award come from the RIPLA membership, in response to a call for nominations published annually in the Fall of the preceding year. The RIPLA Distinguished Inventor of the Year award winners represent a wide cross-section of fields of endeavor - from academia and independent entrepreneurial efforts to fortune 500 corporate research and development organizations. The award winners make up a virtual "who's who" in innovation in the Rochester area.

Past Recipients of the RIPLA Distinguished Inventor of the Year Award.

1973 Dr. John V. Bouyoucos 1993 Dr. Duncan T. Moore
1974 Mr. Robert W. Gundlach 1994 Dr. Porter W. Anderson and Dr. Ronald J. Eby
1975 Dr. Kenneth Hickman 1995 Dr. Damodar M. Pai, Dr. Milan Stolka and Mr. John F. Yanus
1976 Mr. Ernest Wildhaber 1996 Dr. Derek D. Chapman and Dr. Steven Evans
1977 Dr. Wesley T. Hanson, Jr 1997 Dr. Santokh S. Badesha
1978 Dr. W. Alan Burris 1998 Mr. William C. Atkinson, Mr. Robert P. Cloutier, Mr. Michael L. Wash and Mr. Arthur A. Whitfield
1979 Dr. Andrew S. Kende 1999 Dr. Robert C. U. Yu
1980 Mr. John H. Auer, Jr 2000 Dr. Joe E. Maskasky
1981 Dr. Max M. Boudakian 2001 Mr. Vernon E. Gleasman
1982 Dr. Arnold Weissberger 2002 Steven Van Slyke and Ching Tang
1983 Mr. Erwin J. Nunlist 2003 Dr. Jude Sauer
1984 Mr. Donald Harvey 2004 Mr. Fredrick J. Buja
1985 Mr. Donald D. Stoltman 2005 Dr. John F. Hamilton Jr. and Mr. James E. Adams Jr.
1986 Mr. James D. Rees 2006 Dr. Robert Rose, Dr. William Bonnez and Dr. Richard Reichman
1987 Mr. Joseph Mammino 2007 Dr. Stephen Dertinger, Dorothea Torous, and Dr. Andrew Tometsko
1988 Mr. Matthew J. Russel 2008 Paul Contestable, Philip Hosimer and Skip Warren
1989 Dr. Ronald J. Weetman 2009 Steven J. Sasson and Gareth A. Lloyd
1990 Dr. Robert J. Gruber 2010 Dr. James D. Felske, Dr. James F. Garvey, Dr. John A. Lordi and Dr. Joseph C. Mollendorf
1991 Dr. Robert E. Booms and Dr. James T. Kofron 2011 Dr. Grazyna Kmiecik-Lawrynowicz
1992 Dr. Klaus Gueldenpfenning 2012 James E. McGarvey